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The 2012 INVESTIndiana Equity Conference

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What happens after I sign up?  
You will be contacted shortly with the direct url link to your own webcast page.  Use this in press releases or on your IR website.  You will also get instructions on how to send us your slides if you choose that option.

Who can I follow up with? 
Feel free to contact us any time at (201) 683-2100 or at .

What customer support should I expect?
Contact us with whatever your needs are.  We will have technical support on site also.

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Select this if you wish to share the text of your presentation via your company's IR website, through emailings to investors, or for compliance archives.

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Select this if you wish to share the webcast audio with employees via your intranet, or compliance archives.

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If you first ordered within the last week, then you can just fill this form in again - and make sure you click the "update" checkbox at the bottom. If you ordered more than a week ago, or you paid with a credit card, then you should use the change form to express the changes you want to make. In all cases - you will have to complete the order form AND the billing information page again.
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